Athenian Residence II

A complete renovation with a concept design that breathes new life into this residence. This luxurious foundation, designed to the smallest detail, sets the tone for the entire space, seamlessly connecting each room and transforming the interiors into a sanctuary of refined elegance and contemporary allure. Custom cabinetry, a meticulously designed dressing room combine functionality with aesthetics, lacquered wood finishes with bronze inlays and integrated lighting. Fabrics play a pivotal role in softening the ambiance. Plush upholstery and a careful selection of textiles with textures bring warmth and comfort, enhancing the overall sensory experience. The result is a harmonious fusion of textures.

Marble mosaics forming patterns that add depth and visual interest decorate the bathroom floor. The walls, adorned with textured finishes, evoke a tactile richness, marrying materials like wood, brushed metals, and subtly patterned wallpapers for a layered effect.

Organic shapes in light colors complement the overall darker set of elements chosen for the interior of the living room. Shimmering bronze accents, brushed bronze wall cladding, and a fully bespoke home bar create the scene and set the tone of the space.

Year of completion: 2022
Photographer: Nikos Alexopoulos