Cycladic Sunset House I

As you approach, the entrance beckons with a fusion of Moroccan inspiration and contemporary charm. Characterized by the floor tiles and the arched door, it is decorated with glazed ceramic bespoke wall lanterns and large planters with prickly pears, seamlessly blending modern sophistication with the timeless traditions of the Mediterranean.

Handmade, glazed Zellige ceramic tiles create a mosaic at the water fountain, which symbolizes the soothing essence of flowing water.

The internal courtyard, protected by the thick whitewashed walls, is a heaven for the windy days in the Cyclades.

Pool tiles were ordered in a gradient palette of shades of blue, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that mirrors the hues of the sea. The dreamy Pink Pool loungers, inspired by the rosy glow of Cycladic sunsets over the water, dissolve the boundaries between the pool and the sea.

The large living room with windows on each side offers views of the infinity pool merging into the endless sea on one side and a tranquil internal courtyard on the other. Natural Cycladic light floods the room, which is designed to entertain large groups of guests. Above, an extra-large wooden ceiling, painted in soothing olive hue. The furniture echoes the natural and cultural elements, with comfortable seating arrangements in earthy tones. A carefully chosen mix of textures, from woven rugs to Moorish floor seats.

The curves of the bookcases add a touch of exotic flair, blending seamlessly with the overall Mediterranean-inspired theme.

Bespoke joinery with natural raffia extends all the way from the bedroom into the bathroom. His and hers dressings and bathrooms enjoy sea views. The play of light in the space is deliberate; it is used to accentuate the natural features used in the design.

Year of completion: 2021
Photographer: Yiorgos Kordakis