Spetses House

This traditional house on the island of Spetses, underwent a complete makeover. Interiors are inspired by the rich historical tapestry of the picturesque island and its timeless charm. The traditional onda seating with its inviting plush cushions creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and socialising.

Time-honoured craftsmanship and cultural influences converge to create a sanctuary of elegance and warmth. Each space unfolds with a unique narrative, seamlessly blending the old and the new. Carefully curated antiques and heirlooms add an air of sophistication to the overall ambiance.

Bespoke joinery in muted blues and greens reminiscent of the Aegean Sea compliment the soft whites typical of the island houses. Classic Spetses wooden ceilings in white and eggshell-painted wood planks on the floors of the upper level add the backdrop for this timeless aesthetic.

Master bathroom was designed around an antique vanity which has a beautiful old Arabescato Cervaiole marble countertop and large bronze cabinet handles .The large grey carved marble shower base blends seamlessly providing a fresh and eclectic visual appeal.
Traditional Greek cement floor tiles in the kitchen and at the internal veranda add character and contrast to the all white walls, A white Moorish arch is used to separate the kitchen dining. Ground floor bedrooms continue in pastels with bespoke joinery showcasing the traditional architraves against the soft grey corridor walls.

Year of completion: 2023
Photographer: Nikos Alexopoulos